QSP Price Computing Scales

Display                                  20mm digit LCD display, with white LED backlight

  • Capacities 3kg-30kg
  • Pan size 230x300mm
  • Keyboard 20keys (Membrane keyboard)
  • Housing ABS plastic
  • Max. Divisions 3,000e;  2×3,000e;6,000d
  • ADC update ≤1/10 second
  • Operate Temp -10°C- +40°C
  • Power AC adapter (12V/500mA),built-in rechargeable battery (6V/4Ah)
  • Gross weight 6.1kg
  • Capacities form 3kg to 30kg
  • Application:
  1. Weighing units conversion
  2. Accumulation
  3. Change
  • OIML approval from DANAK (approval No.0200-NAWI-03058)
  • Battery provide up to 70 hours of continuous use (without backlight)
  • Standard stainless pan and dust cover
  • Optional fruit pan
  • Optional RS-232 can connect to computer or printer and ECR
  • Optional initial-verification
Model Name QSP-3K Capacity 3kg Readability 0.5g Division 6,000d Approx. weight 6.1kg Approval CE
QSP-6K 6kg 1g 6,000d 6.1kg CE
QSP-15K 15kg 2g 6,000d 6.1kg CE
QSP-30K 30kg 5g 6,000d 6.1kg CE
QSP-3K-M 3kg 1g 3,000e 6.1kg CE,OIML
QSP-6K-M 6kg 2g 3,000e 6.1kg CE,OIML
QSP-15K-M 15kg 5g 3,000e 6.1kg CE,OIML
QSP-30K-M 30kg 10g 3,000e 6.1kg CE,OIML
QSP-6K-MR 3kg/6kg 1g/2g 2×3,000e 6.1kg CE,OIML
QSP-15K-MR 6kg/15kg 2g/5g 2×3,000e 6.1kg CE,OIML
QSP-30K-MR 15kg/30kg 5g/10g 2×3,000e 6.1kg CE,OIML