EHB Series Precision Balance

  • Display 16.5 mm digit LCD display, with white LED backlight
  • Capacities 150g-6000g
  • Pan size CD 80mm, CD 120mm, 140 x  lSOmm
  • Keyboard 7keys (Membrane keyboard
  • Housing ABS plastic
  • Max. Divisions 6,000e/60,000d/150,000d/300,000d
  • ADC updates ≤1/10 second
  • Operate Temp +5°C-+40°C
  • Power AC adapter (12V/500mA), Rechargeable battery (6V/1.2Ah)
  • Gross weight 3.5kg (with wind shield), 2kg (without wind shield)
  • OIML approval from Delta (approval no.DK0199.424)
  • Rechargeable battery provide up to 40 hours of continuous use (without backlight)
  • Standard RS-232 interface
  • Optional USB communication port and Bluetooth (4.3GHz,l0m)
  • Optional rear display
  • Optional Bluetooth (4.3GHz, 10m)
  • Application:
  1. Percentage weighing
  2. Counting
  3. Accumulation
  4. Weighing units conversion
  • Optional initial-verification
EHB-150 EHB-300 150g








3.5kg 3.5kg CE CE
EHB-600 600g 0.01g 60,000d Cll120mm 3.5kg CE
EHB-1500 1500g 0.02g 60,000d 14Qx150mm 2kg CE
EHB-3000 3000g 0.05g 60,000d 14Qxl50mm 2kg CE
EHB-6000 6000g 0.1g 60,000d 14Qxl50mm 2kg CE
EHB-600-M 600g 0.01g 6,000e Cll120mm 3.5kg CE, OIML
EHB-6000-M 6000g 0.1g 6,000e 14Qx150mm 2kg CE, OIML
EHB+-150 150g 0.001g 150,000d CIIBOmm 3.5kg CE
EHB+-1500 1500g O.Olg 150,000d Cll120mm 3.5kg CE
EHB++-300 300g O.OOlg 300,000d CIIBOmm 3.Sic:g CE
EHB++-3000 3000g O.Olg 300,000d Cll120mm 3.Sic:g CE